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ParrotLink makes distributing digital assets as simple as clicking a link.

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Claim and send - gasless

Let your users send tokens to their friends and get them onboarded, no matter whether they’re users already.

Mystery Boxes

Create a mystery box, fill it with whatever tokens you like, and let people bet on the content!

Tokens, or NFTs?

You can fill the links with PSP22 tokens, or PSP34 tokens [NFTs], in any amount you choose.

SMS, Telegram or E-mail?

Send claim links and don’t worry if the recipient have wallet or not. ParrotLink can store tokens for further use.


ParrotLink Dashboard

Сreate multiple claim links, and QR codes in bulk for your marketing campaigns.

ParrotLink SDK

Designed for developers who want to integrate ParrotLink’s capabilities

Leverage link-based transfers today

Join us and distribute tokens via claim links

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